Madrid Protocol

Madrid Protocol

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How the Madrid Protocol Functions

Governed by the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland, the Madrid Protocol is an international system for registering as well as managing trademarks. The Madrid System provides a cost-effective, comprehensive, and convenient solution, allowing trademark owners to easily apply for protection for their trademarks worldwide.

The Benefits of Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Protocol streamlines the international trademark registration process. Under the Madrid System, trademark owners are able to provide international protection to their trademarks by paying a single set of fees and filing a single application in one language. The system enables owners to alter, renew or expand their international trademark portfolio effectively through one centralised system.

Filing an International Application in Malaysia

In Malaysia, one must follow a few rules to be entitled to utilise the Madrid Protocol. Basically, the applicant must abide by these four guidelines:


Information Needed

Applicants must provide accurate information when filing for the application. Below are the essential information needed:

Basic Mark

To apply for the Madrid Protocol, the applicant must have registered or have already filed a mark in Malaysia. The mark is regarded as the basis of an international application.

An application can be founded on one mark or various identical marks with different services and goods. It’s important to remember that the mark and the international application must:

Language Used In Application

Every applicant must apply in English.

Protect your trademark internationally with the Madrid Protocol

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Madrid Protocol?

Need help with Madrid Protocol?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

As of July 2022, there are 112 members of the Madrid Union, which currently covers a total of 128 countries. Upon depositing its instrument of accession on 27 September 2019, Malaysia became the 106th member of the Madrid Protocol system.

To use the Madrid Protocol, you must be personally affiliated or have a business connection with one of the members of the Madrid Union. As such, you must either be domiciled, have a commercial or industrial establishment in, or be a citizen of a Madrid Protocol member country.

There are several fees payable in regard to the Madrid Protocol, including:

  • The basic fee;
  • A complimentary fee or individual fee for each Contracting Party; and
  • A supplementary fee for each class of services and goods in excess of three.

You can use a Fee Calculator to estimate the fees payable before submitting your payment directly to the International Bureau (IB) of WIPO or contact our attorneys to ease your registration process.