We want to understand your commercial objectives and shape an effective execution for your business.


Licensing & Franchising

Realise the value of your IP with our licensing experts and introduce certainty to any trading agreement. We ensure your commercial interests are protected for the long run with our detailed contracts and legal instruments, such as:

We will represent you in:


Technology Transfer

You have a right to exclude others to make, sell or manufacture your technological innovations with the proper legal execution. We help you do just that.

With technology shaping the global economic landscape, it has become immensely valuable and requires robust protection. Our consultants will guide you through technology transfers and acquire the best deals that benefit you and maximise their positive impact on society.

Our facilitation of Technology Transfer includes but are not limited to:



Looking to sell or buy IP?

With the depth of experience our IP brokers have amassed, we help mediate and liaise an intellectual property deal between buyers and sellers.

For sellers, we will enforce your rights and negotiate the maximum value your IP is entitled to with no alternative agendas hidden in the fine print. For buyers and investors, we help expand your intellectual property assets through proper licensing and acquisitions.

How can we help you?

If you have any enquiries about Intellectual Property Registration or other services, do reach out to us, and we will provide you with the right solution.